pasta with carrots and zuchinis (courgettes)

 i dont have enough time to write something really big but i have the time to write something really good!!

and easy!

if you dont have enough time to prepare something but you want to make something really tasty and different just try this .

this is a recipie made out of colours.

the green of the zuchini with the orange of the carrot look so nice together!

so lets do it!!




2 carrots
1 zuchini
1 creme fraische
...cheese (that melts..gouda for example)
pasta (penne, farfale, etc..)
some curry

we clean and cut our vegetables

its really importants when we cut our vegetables cut them at the same size..the shape doesnt matter but the size does they will be cooked at the same time..

we dont want a result of really mellting zuchinis and hard carrots!!
put some oil in the pan
first the onion
then carrots after  3min the zuchini
(carrots need more time to be cooked than the zuchinis)
pepper, salt , and curry

we have boiled our pasta

and then we put them all together in the oven
with the creme and the cheese ofcourse!
if u want you cant just put the creme in your pan while cooking and make a sause
and forget the oven




  1. apla na prosthesw pws zucchini = courgette, gia osous den einai polu familiar me to 'zucchini' :P Made a similar recipe recently but I used courgettes, spinach, mushrooms and pancetta cubes, it was really really tasty :) x

  2. oh yes you are right!!many thanks!i will fix it right away!!!plz dont be mad about my bad english!!
    your recipie sounds really taste indeed!!miam miam
    !!meet always make teh difference..spinach also!!mushrooms too..oh my now im thinking of it it should be really tasty!!when u find time share it with me!!was it with cream?what kind of cheese???


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