Avocado Salad (like guacamole)

Avocados are high in valuable, health-promoting fats. For a typical avocado:
High avocado intake has been shown to have a beneficial effect on blood serum cholesterol levels.


we will need

- 2 avocados
- 2 tomatoes or 8-9 cherry tomatoes (usually they are more tasty)
- 1-2 pieces of garlic if you want u put more or less depends of how u prefer the taste of garlic.or not at all.
- olive oil (2 soup spoons)
- juice of half lemon
- pepper, salt, tea spoon of oregan
- 1/4 
- some red peper if u want or tabasco

SO...lets cook!!

...cut the avocados at the middle and then use the skin pressing it with your hands
melting it into a ball.


use a fork if needed to melt them more

then..cut the tomatoes in small square pieces

...smash the garlic ( the garlic must be really smashed and not choped..you can use an electronic blender also)

so now ye just have to mix all the ingredients!!!
place the tomatoes into the avocado,the garlic, the oi,l pepper, salt and oregan and lemon
and its ready!!
You can serve it with fresh persil and roasted toast bread or fin crisps or nachos


TIP : avocado stays fresh longer if we store it with the seed.!so put the seed at the middle it will really help for not getting into this dark colour it usually gets when we store it.