Fish,ψαρι,fische tasty and healthy


usually when we cook diet or healthy foods something is missing from the taste...
but they are a lot of recipies or a lot of some tricks we can follow to make a simple healthy not full calories plate!
I ll tell you how to make one with fish!!anyone likes fish??i looooove fish!!!

fish allow us to cook it with many many ways and with teh simple and light taste tha has we can give many many different tastes


Προσθήκη λεζάντας
-seelachs filet or pangasius filet or what kind of white fish we like.(mpakaliaro,glwssa,perka)
-anise (chopped : 5soup spoons) 
-1-2 carrots
-2-3 fresh onions
-olive oil
-a bit of lemongrass
-a soup spoon flour

Of course cause now we are talking about a diet recipie we are not going to frie the fish way is to put it at the oven
2.way which i preder cause like this it keeps all the vitamins and minerals is to do it like this :
we put at our frie pan water and on top of it we put a silver net (like this for example we use for tee but a big one)and we cook the fish at the vapor
Notice that the pieces of the fish must not touch one each other.
so if u dont have something like that u can cook the fish at the pan with some water.
If  the fish that we use is fridge we have to use it first to avoid the bad smell.

in 10-15 minutes the fish is ready
if its fresh it needs only 7 minute

many people are used to cook the fish for a long time like 45m or 1 hour
this is completely destroys the taste and the vitamins of the fish.
try it once like this and maybe u like it more.

now we choppe the onions into rodeles
and the carrots we can blend them or chopped them at a shape we like
anis must be really good chopped
vegetables (in this case carrots and fresh onions) must be at the same size for a well balanced cooking.

We put at the pan 2 glasses of water ,then our vegetables and anis and then the spices..
We cook about 6-8 minutes ..sometime maybe its needed to put more water depends of how big is the pan or the temperature.
In a glass we put the flour ,we add some water make it look like glue and then slowly some water of the pan till you have one glass of water-flour

thats its really important that you first put the flour and then the water otherwise the mixture its not going to be smooth

then you take this mixture and you out it in the pan boile it till its creamy.
You take it out of fire and put some olive oil!!!

yam yam!!!

  • Anise, like fennel, contains anethole, a phytoestrogen.[5]
  • Anise can be used to relieve menstrual cramps.[6]
  • The main use of anise in European herbal medicine was for its carminative effect, as stressed by John Gerard in his Great Herball[4], his encyclopedia of early modern herbal medicine


  1. wow it looks so tasty :) I will try it .. especially for vegans


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