AGACHKAS RECIPE thank you Agacha : )

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Agachka Fitzswalter January 24 at 3:15pm  
Hello darling !
So the recipe...

200 g powdered almonds (I used those I found in the BioMarkt, they taste a bit caramelized, I don't know why, but they're really, really awesome)
150 g sugar
100 g butter
2 eggs + 1 egg yolk for the outside
2 x Blätterteig (I don't know how it's called in English... Puff pastry ?). You can find some in Rewe but they're made with margarine instead of butter, so they're not as tasty as the homemade butter version... Anyway that's what I used yesterday (the one from Rewe)

Mix the almonds and the sugar
Add the eggs, then the butter (it must not be melted, only a bit softened), and a pinch of salt

You put the first dough on the cooking paper (directly on the oven's sheet pan), you make a few holes with a fork on it, then you put the almond-sugar-etc mix on it, just let 2-3 cm all around of free dough. You put the second dough on it, and paste both sides with a bit of water, and roll the edges so it will stay well closed.

And you put the last egg yolk on it (it's best with a paintbrush but you can do it with your fingers... You dirty baby !)

Then you draw on it with the end of a knife, something like a chess plate, you see what I mean ? -> and you make holes in the dough (not many, like a dozen tiny holes suffice, but if you don't do it the dough is going to be dry)

That's it ! Now you can put it in the oven, min. 30 minutes at 200°C, but it can take longer with your oven... ; )

Kisses and enjoy !
Love ya !