i bought some bananas some days ago...
and i did this mistake that we all do some times...
bying more fruits than you can eat...its not my fault..they were so cheap!!!
And so tasty with my oat-banana-yoghurt-honey-tahini breakfast...

So they got for a normal person not rotten but they got black..i dont like them like that!
And many many times when you have fruits that they are not in the situation that you would like to be...dont throw them away!!!but make a nice marmelade!!!

For example banana marmelade is really nice to use it at your breakfast or at nice desserts you can make..
or in a slice of bread with nutella and banana marmelade!!!

its so easy

just cut the bananas into small pieces small you can get them by knife (ofcourse pill them off first)

and then put them in a pan with ecxacly the same quantity of sugar
(for example 200grs banana = 200 grs sugar)

put them in low fire and let them melt and boil...
the smell is not so nice when its cooking but the taste after is perfect!!!

tip : you can add some cinnamon and make the marmelade fly to the sky...

of course cause its really pure we cannot keap it for a reaaaaaaaaally long time in the fridge..


be careful while sugar can cause serious burns