Chicken with sweet and sour sauce and pineapple

something fresh..something borrowed..something new....

chicken or pork with sour sauce its something that we have all tasted...most of the people buy ready made sweet and sour sauce from many famous companies...
if i tell you how easy is to make it your own and how much time you will cook and not buy it!!

first time i saw pineapple as an ingredient was at my favourite pizza delivery in my home town...
i just thought ``bleah´´ and never thought about it again...

once i was in Denmark and i visited a Mogolian was working like a give something like 10 euros and you eat as much you can eat...

I was so  happy!!! haha
so we are going at the boufet..
EVERYTHING was uncooked!!i got crazy!!!i didnt know what to eat!!so i just choosed teh things that looked i can eat non cooked..some vegetables...some pineapple and some chicken filet really really thin and i was safe...
at the end of the row...behind the wall was one guy that he was taking your plate..and put it all in a pan and cook it...soooo
by mistake i had in my plate chicken with pineapple...and i said oooohh what the heck lets try it!!
it was awesome!!!!

We are going to need :

chicken fillets
1 red pepper                                        
1 green pepper
1 carrot
200gr pineapple fresh
1 big onion
olive oil
3 sp honey
5 sp vinegar
maybe some sugar              

if you dont have honey or you find this ingredient expensive you can use sugar (2 sp)

1 sp flour

chopp all the vegetables into pieces not too small..
carrots i will prefer it in a different way than round pieces..improvise!!i like to cut them like this :

Put the chicken fillets as they are without cutting them at the oil from both sides till they get yellow-brown
remove it from the pan .

Put more oil and then add the onions and when they get yellow-brown add the peppers and the carrots
in between cut the chicken into small pieces and add them at the pan..
live them for 3 minutes in low fire..
add a cup of water the vinegar and the honey salt and pepper
live the soya for the end...
let them boil for a while and when the water is enough for a sauce
take a bit out in a cup that you have puted the flour inside
mix the flour with the water and put the mix inside the pan and really fast mix them...
remove from fire when you see the sause is thick enough for your taste..this will happen really fast
dont be afraid to add more water or more flour!!
taste and if its not salty enough add the soya!
be carefull soya sometimes can be really salty and we add a lot in the food cause we like the taste but then the
result is too salty...if you want strong soya taste be aware of that and dont put salt at the cooking time..