Garlic liver with zucchini

Liver has a taste that not everybody like it...its really strong..liver is only for meat lovers...
and for people that have low iron blood...

In Greece liver recipes are really common..
I am gonna give you a recipe that came in my mind trying to make it as more tasty i can..

                                                                SO LETS COOK!!!

our ingredients are not so many but the taste is going to be awesome

chopp the spring onions , the zucchini and the parsley
into really small pieces..dont over do it..they will be smaller
when you saute them..

cut the garlin into cloves
as much garlic you will put as much tastier will be
so if you want add more garlic,
the taste of the lover will cover it for sure so dont worry that its going to
be really garlic taste..its not...

So now everything is chopped and cloved put some olive oil in your pan
and saute the vegetables (keep some parsley to put it later)

When they are semi fried add the liver pieces on top of
the vegetables and low the fire down..we are going to create a shield
so they will be soft and juicy..
Really careful put them in the pan
be aware not to have water cause water into oil is really dangerous and can cause
serious burns

leave them to fry at both sides

when they are changing colour(dont let them cook for good)
remove them from the pan and cut them into small pieces

put them back in the pan and add some more parsley

if you have some white wine add a bit and some water and let it boil
add the lemon verbena and lett it boil..maybe you will need to add some more water
the water has always to be hot

try some pieces of the liver and when you see its cooked let the water to dry
and its ready..

put some fress parsley and its ready to serve...