lentils salad with linseed (flax)


                                                         LENTILS SALAD 
                                                     WITH LINSEED (FLAX)

I think we all have our traumas about our parents forcing us to eat lentils cause they are really good for our health!

I dont know why i didnt like to eat them AT ALL...
maybe was it was too heavy for a kid , maybe like all kids didnt want to eat something that someone is forcing them to eat it..
Dont know...
I like lentils as we cook them it in Greece..like a soup..(i will give you the recipe another time, its really tasty)but i believe first of all that by all this boiling...all the healthiness is gone..completely..
So i decided to find another way to eat lentils so its lighter and tastier and healthier ofcourse!!
We all know that eating vegetables fresh is the best way to eat them..so salad with lentils and fresh vegetables its teh best..also i have to inform you that parsley has the highest contents of vitamin C if you eat it fresh!!
More than an orange!
I will also add some linseed (flax) which is  incredible healthy check about linseed here (λιναροσπορος in Greek , linien seed in german)

its really easy to find it  at supermarkets or bio shops

I am going to give you a really tasty healthy and really easy to make recipe!!all you need is some minutes!!!
You can eat it as a salad but also as a main dish

 Its really good to put the lentils for some hours in the water so they will boil faster..
Boiling faster its not a matter of time but a matter of health.Lentils can keep all the good stuff ..
If you dont have time or you didnt thought about it its really ok to put the lentils to boil as normal..
The normal time is about 15-20 minutes this time count after the water has started boiling..not the time that you put it on fire..
if you had them into  water then 10-15 minutes is ok.

When the lentils are ready filter out the water and put them in a bowl

 chopp the onion, the tomatoes, the pepper and the parsley       

  into really small cubes , cause remember we are not going to cook them
and you dont want to have big pieces of onions in your mouth             


if you have you can add some sundried tomatoes also
when you finish cutting the vegetables ad them in the bowl. with the boiled lentils
(filter out the water)                                                                        

add the linseed then the salt pepper and oregano and at the end the olive oil.

tip : always put herbs before adding oil, cause then its really hard to mix them good

tip2: if you want to store the food for later i recommend you not to put the onions..onions have to be fresh
in a salad...otherwise you get a really bad smell

 Put some peppers at the middle or some orande (i like orange) and serve it cold

As i said before you can eat it as a salad but its really nice served as a main dish.
I strongly recommend that you will serve it with some smoked fish!!!

(this recipe is dedicated to my friend Chrysafenia who teached and supplied me linseed  )