peanut butter chicken, with lemon verbena herb


First of all i will put myself a glass of TEMPRANILLO spanish red wine (you can find really good tempranillo in Berlin) and then i will write you down about this recipe.For now this is my favourite recipe, so i have to really enjoy writing it...

Second of all i have to explain to you (if you dont know) what is lemon verbena plant :

In Greek we call it Louisa like a womans name.It can be tall as a tree and has a really unique smell
that reminds a bit of lemon!
I learn about this plant at botanology. its a plant that helps the body to digest and detox ,its really good for stomach problems, for cellulite , fever and many others!!
So if you are on a diet its the best!!! And also when you have eaten really too much!!

And the taste of this tea is amazing!
You can use it also for coctails!

And of course its something you should always have in your kitchen!!!

If you decide to make this recipe and you dont have lemon verbena or its difficult to find it dont worry!!You can add  grated lemon skin and the taste will be really awesome!!!
I did it like that when i didnt had some verbena and the results where amazing!Or you can add some lemongrass!!

Peanut butter from the other hand is one of my favourite ingredients cause it always give a touch of Thailand -Vietnamise kitchen.

It really tasty with meat but also with vegetables!

For this recipe we will need :

It sound complicated but as you have seen the are not many ingredients so you can understand how easy its to make it!!!

Chopp the onion and the leek not in really small pieces..
Put some butter and some olive oil to your pan and put the chicken breasts and give them a brown colour from both sides...

Dont forget to put you fire low..we just want to create a shield at the meet so they can be juicy..    

When the meat is brown as we said add the chopped vegetables
put some salt  and pepper, a bit of ginger (just a bit)
and add some hot water (one glass)

In a small pan put the creme fraische and the peanut butter (which i recomend that you had them outside the frigde when you start the cooking procces..) and put the pan in low fire, start to mix the ingredients really fast and dont leave it to boil and never get you eyes out of it cause the peanut butter if you dont stir it will burn into seconds!


For helping you mixture to mix without burning add some water (hot).
When your mixture is done and its one cream then put the lemon verbena and half spoon grated lemon skin.
If you decided not to put verbena put 2 spoon of  lemon skin.

Add the cream in the pan with the meat and teh vegetables and if its needed put some water and leave it for 10 minutes so the tastes be one..

mDont be afraid to add mpore water even if you see that its too liquid ,,as the time pass the mixture will get dry again!
Remove the food from fire when its a bit, just a bit more liquid as you want your sauce to be, cause remember is at high temperature , as the sauce is getting cooller the more thick it gets.
So its really important to stop cooking when its not actually as you want to be at eating or serving time cause after 5 minutes it will be really thick...

Boil some rice..i prefer wild rice and serve it with some rice or some boiled vegetables!!


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