rainbow rice

 This is a rice i made with beetroot, blue curacao and curry!!

If you want to add some colour to your life..why not try it in your food!
You can make a rainbow rice or if you dont have time you can do it only one colour..
I will give some ideas for making your rice colourful with natural colours

beetroot , blue curacao , curry ,safran , parsley or spinach

(in case you dont know blue curacao is a liquer and it really easy to find it)

with the blue curacao liquer is really easy just add some when you boil the rice

same with the curry (dont over do it cause the taste
is not so nice if you put a lot)
you can also use safran for a more orange result

with beetroot you can give a perfect pink or magenta colour .
.but here is a bit different
you have to boil the beetroot and then smash it-blend it and then mix it with the ready rice..not the time you boil it..   
the same with parsley!! or the spinach
here things are more difficult cause the parsley is not getting really melted but you can add some water and then mix it again!!!

It doesnt take a lot of time and you can have really nice results and create a really beautyful dinner table!

Dont be afraid to mix your coloured rices..as i did in the picture above..the tastes are not really strong and you can mix them for sure!!!

Or use the blue curacao rice for dishes with fish..cause blue is the colour of the see drink some ouzo..it will feel like in dreaming vacation in a Greek island and ouzo is really good with fish

The curry rice as a side dish ro green vegetables or mix it with peas

and the beetroot withe some or also with some vegetabls
like zucchinis or avocado salad or..or...


give colour to your everyday life!!!