Refreshing Hibiskus cold tea with honey

Hibiskus (or Rosemallow) is a really beautiful flower...

but its also a really healthy tea!!
Its really good for cholysterol, for digestion,if you make a diet , helps a lot to heart diseases ,
lowers blood pressure, and its also really detoxing for our body cause its really rich in vitamine C.
I has a really strong taste , evenn if like a flower doesnt have a smell, and a really strong red colour.


If you drink it as a tea with sugar tha taste its not that interesting but if you add some honey the taste is awesome.
But you can have it cold in your fridge specially in summer time cause its reall refreshing and helps the body not to be thirsty.Also the taste its like drinking a really nice juice and not just a tea!!

Boil some water , add to a bottle 5 tea spoons of dry hibiskus and add the hot water.
Wait for 10 minutes and remove the hibiskus.
As the water is still hot add some honey depends how sweat you want your tea to be and stir well.
Put some cold water, wait to be in rooms temperature and put it in the fridge.

The result is really amazing!!
Really refreshing and unique taste and really good for your body!!