tasty and low calories oat dessert

Yes!! yes!!! Your eyes are completely ok!you can see well!
Tasty oat dessert!!
Ok i know you all know that oat is healthy etc.etc and i also know that people who love to eat really tasty-full calorie desserts they are not excacly funs of oat.
I have to admit that me myself i wasnt also a big fun of oat..to tell you teh truth i really hated it..it was of teh things taht my mother was eating and i couldnt understand the reason..
cause NO...healthy its not a reason to eat food for the mind of a kid!!

But then when you become a woman and you have to take care of your body and you realize that bread cannot be anymore part of your life...(at list the way it was..)you start to find some solutions...
eh!one of them is oat...
If i dont cook it with milk i really love it!!
I just boil some water then add it to my bowl with oat some banana slices or other fruits, honey, and some tahini maybe...and i have a full healthy breakfast..with calories that my body can digest normally..

Sometimes i like it with yoghurt...

so  as i was preparing my homemade strawberry marmelade this came to my mind and i tried it and was really yummy...
( i am sure that it exists as a recipie but i will write down mine)


we need

for 4 people

one cup of oat
1/3 of cup sugar (i prefer brown)
2 cups yoghurt
half packet of vanilla puding (this u mix the powder with milk and you create milk)
marmelade or fruits

you can add some nuts at the oat..
you can arrange the quantity of yoghurt and puding as you like
its perfect with your favourite marmelade but you can always put fruits for less sugar result ;)

put the sugar in a pan and put the fire really low
when it start to melt put the oat and remove it from the fire immediatly and mix fast the ingredients.
(if you dont you will have a burned caramelized result..some like it some dont)

really fast put it as a base for your dessert
you can use 4 glasses or your regural plate for making this kind of desserts

make the puding and then mix it really good with the yoghurt
then put it at the top of the oat base
then add the marmelade or the fruits and you are ready!!
wait for a bit so it will be cold and fresh and then serv it

tip: if you put more yoghurt than piding you have to be aware of that after some hours your dessert maybe will
have some water going out and this is not good..if you want to put more yoghurt or why not only yoghurt
make the bases and put the yoghurt and the marmelade or fruits the time you serve it!!

miam miam

more tips

you can add some nuttela on the top and forget about the fruits..but we all know how crazy is nuttela with banana

you can put some chocolate chips between the oat base and the cream and then some orange skin