(dry black bread with  tomato and feta cheese)

typical best of the best Greek recipe

i can eat this food everyday...i can live with this food...

Also its the food of free camping vacation!!!(ok..with no feta cheese)

some dried black bread some feta cheese tomatoe olive oil and oregano...
simple as hell  taste like heaven

Its really hard to find if you are not in Greece or if you dont have friends in Greece to send you this special dried bread (paksimadi) but you can order it from internet ...or just find another kind of bread thats its close to that at your country...

i will do my research and i will find some proposions

the photos describe everything!!!

you have to have

dried bread
olive oil
feta cheese
and if you want  some spring onions or chives
i strongly recommend chives cause it gives a smooth taste and your breath doesnt smell bad like when you eat
onions.. :P

put the bread under water for 3 seconds
then put on top of it some olive oil

cut the tomatoes and the feta cheese into
small small pieces
a nice way is also to blend the tomatoes in blender

put them on top of the bread and then put oregano
pepper bit of salt and chives or onios..if you want
you can put some garlic also...
then put some more olive oil on the top
and ready to eat!!!you can use a fork or your hands!!

chives is really good to have it in your kitchen...in a pot...you can find it and keep it in a pot..
it never finishes...my roomate bought one and i use it almos everyday when i dont want to have the onions to cover other taste and i need a smooth onion garlic taste...just try it...you will love it!!!
its also good when you dont have enough time or you dont want your hands smell bad cause you have a randevous after....