vegetables in the oven (Briam)

 A really easy to make plate!!!
Really tasty also...
really really tasty...its one of my favourites!!!

This plate if you add also aubergine in Greece we call it Briam..

Me , I cant eat aubergines ..they are too heavy for my i make it without...but
exactly the way we are going to cook it if you add aubergines ,if you like aubergines add some cause they are really tasty....

of course the best thing to eat this food is feta cheese and some bread to dip it into the sauce (papara)

its a really healthy food really easy to make and really really tasty..dont be afraid to add a lot of garlic
and olive oil,,of course maybe its healthy but its not the dish you have to choose if you are on diet...

But if you cook it without oil and you put the oil after you get it out from th oven its really good for diet..

You can eat it also cold...

Cut the potatoes the zucchinis and the aubergines into medium pieces like that :

Remember its really important to cut all the vegetables in same they will cook the same time..ofcourse potatoes will need more time
but this is nice cause like this zucchinis have a crispy (just a bit crispy) result

i like to keep the skin of the potatoe cause it give a really nice taste
but i have to wash them really good

chop the parsley the onions and the garlic ,not into really big pieces...

put all the vegetables in a baking dish
so they spread them out really good..
firts put the garlic

then the onions

the parsley

and finally the tomatoe paste or the fresh
tomatoes you have melted in the blender


then mix all the ingridients together and put
salt ,pepper, oregano and a bit of curry
and then olive oil and 1 glass of water  

mix again really well and put it in the oven for 1 hour
at 180 to 200 o C

As i said dont forget the bread and the feta cheese!!!