chicken with carrot ginger sause

                                          chicken with carrot ginger sause

as always im going to give you an easy but really delicious dish !

We need just a few ingridients but make a really strong taste...

you can use chicken with the bone or chicken fillets..
this time i choose chicken with bones and with the skin so the taste is more thick cause of the fat of the skin..
if you want you  can remove the skin ...

we will marinate the ckicken with the herbs..for some hours...or the hole night..
of you just decided to make this recipe it will be really tasty even if you dont have the time to marinate the meat..

chop the onions in the shape you like..
i would prefer it not so small pieces.. 


then chop the carrots in round pieces like this 
not so thin not so big.. 


saute the onions in your pan with some olive oil
till they get a brown colour 


then put on top of the onions the meat 
and low the fire down 

change the side of meat and let it cook just for a bit
to create a shield and keep it soft with juicys..then add some wine
and let it cook..
dont get rid of the juice cause we are going to need it for the carrot mix sauce

 A really good idea also is to cook the chicken in the oven..after you saute it in the pan and make a shield,just put the onions and the chicken with some olive oil some, oregano and some water to the oven till is cooked..this will take a bit more time than cook it at the pan but its healthier...and maybe taster cause meat is better to be cooked slowly slowly ,,and the oven is a really good way to cook it!!

meanwhile put the carrots and cook them at the steam
put if you want and if you have some sun dried tomatoes 

when the carrots are ready ..means 
that they are soft and you can eat them put them in the blender
with some water ,the ginger, the onions from your pan, some olive oil
pepper, salt , oregano and some curry, and the rest of the vegetables, if you  want it spicy you can put some red chilly pepper 

Blend them and if its needed put some more water or oil

Let them blend really good till its a paste like this 

Then serve the chicken and put the sauce on top of it..

Serve it hot!!!!

i recomend some red wine...
i prepare it and ate it with TEMPRANILLO ...mmm its was really tasty!!!