bloody mary

special longdrink coctail full of vitamins

Its Saturday..You are at home with some friends and you still dont know what you are going to do.
(ok maybe its thursday, friday or sunday or everyday)

Last night was also a bit drunk night and you have hangover..You want to treat your body gentle and ask sorry and give to it some vitamins to recover.
You also heard of a story that when you have hangover you have to drink some alcohol to feel OK.

So here is a solution!

Go to the supermarket and buy

a bottle of vodka,
a tomato juice,
worcester sauce,
tabasco im sure you have some

Put in the shaker 2 shots of vodka for each person, half spoon tabasco for 1 person, 1,5 spoon worcester , f1p, pepper salt just a bit, shake well really well, with some inside the shaker, and then
put in the glasses and add the tomato juice!!!

The sellery maybe sounds useless but its not!!

You can lick it, bite it and give another level to your drink!!!