Broccoli - Carrot soup with fresh ginger and a soft touch of Coconut

Simple, fresh and low calorie soup..Really easy to make and really unique to taste!

First of all  i have to say that in this recipe im not going to use coconut milk,
cause at the time i made this soup i didnt have any in my kitchen..
I put some dried coconut into boiling water for 10-15 minutes and then i used only the water..
It was much better for the taste and for the thickness, and also less expensive...
(of course you can buy coconut milk or powder which is the best)

We will need

- 1/4 broccoli
- 1-2 carrots
- fresh ginger
- fresh spring onion
- lemon verbena or lemongrass
- bay laurel ,2 leeves
- skin of half lemon
- turmeric (curcuma), curry mix herb, pepper, salt
- 2 spoons of flour
- olive oil

Simple stuff

Cut your vegetables into the shape you like..prefer a thin shape..
I like to cut the carrots with the special tool we use to clean them..
So i create long flakes..
Its really nice for a soup..Better than the circle fat pieces of carrot..
Fresh onion in round pieces..

Ginger can be cut in 2-4 pieces..(half) the other half into really small flakes by using the grind.
Prefer to cut the broccoli using your hands..
Like you cut small sensitive flowers...Gives nice shape and nice smooth touch..
In general i think..vegetables..are really happy when we are going to eat them..they just going to be tastier if we treat them tender!! Thats for sure!! Trust me!

If you decided to use the dried coconut and not the coconut milk then :
Put the dried coconut into boiling water and boil for 10-15 minutes.
And then take the water that has a soft nice touch of coconut..

Use the half of the water to make your soup.
Store the other half to add it in the end of the cooking time!
Of course if you use coconut mil its going to be really tasty also..
Im just giving you an idea what to do if you dont find in the small mini market close to your house (chances to find dried coconut are bigger)

If you use the coconut milk just add it at the start of the cooking time!

Keep some of the vegetables (6 carrots, 7 broccoli pieces and half of the ginger)

Put in your pot, so, the coconut tee, some more water and the vegetables and all the herbs!!
And the skin of half lemon..

Let it boil for 15-20 minutes and then add the rest of the vegetables.

At the end use the flour into a glass with some hot water to create a thick mixture and add it to the boiling soup
and mix really fast!!
Add the rest of the coconut tee and boil for 5 more minutes

Before you serve put the olive oil in the soup and remove the lemon skin...


Always eat this soup fresh and hot!!