chocolate cake with strawberry marmelade ,triple sec and bitter almond

this cake was made for my friend maria
happy birthday

This is a normal chocolate cake recipe , but with the homemade marmelade and the triple sec we create a
taste that we are not used to have in a cake!
I think we all agree of how much strawberries and chocolate fit together...
Triple sec is an orange liquer, with the taste of the orange being really shy and the alcohol really strong.
We are going to bake the cake and then make a sirop from strawberry tea, sugar and triple sec, as the cake is still warm we are going to create some holes with a knife and then put the sirop all over it..Then a dark chocolate cover and then our homemade marmelade!!
Maybe when you read homemade marmelade you think " Yeah right, im just going to buy one " but dont worry its an easy way to make it, it doesnt need to boil a lot cause its not for storage..
Just some sugar and triple sec!!!

we will need
melt the butter in low fire, put it in a big bowl and add the sugar..
I usually melt the butter cause i do not use the mixer , and this makes thing easier for mixing butter with sugar and i do not need to use the mixer
mix really good with your mixer or with the spoon till the mixture becomes white..or whiter :)
add the milk that you have already mixed with the bitteralmond and continue mixing
add the eggs and the vanilla or some orange skin..
then add the flour with the baking powder
and  then the cacao..
Its really easy to make this mixture...You just have to remember to give your love and pay attention while you are doing it..
tip - do not add the eggs at the mixture of the hot butter and sugar cause they are going to be " cooked "
Butter a baking pan and put the mixture in and bake for about 50 min.
While your cake is baking,  make a tea for youself and relay a bit..
Make why not a strawberry tea!
Put in your pan 1 glass of strawberry tea and 3 spoons of sugar and 4 spoon triple sec or more if you like!!
Let it boil and create a sirop not very thick..

Then clean the strawberries and put them in a pan with the half quantity of their weight sugar(250 gr strawberries = 125 gr sugar)and of course add some triple sec again!!

When the cake is ready, do not let it cool, take your knife and create
smalls holes till the knife touch the pan, not with force so you do not
destroy your baking pan.Then make a bath to your cake with your
delicious strawberry triple sec sirop !

Maybe now your marmelade is ready..

If you want before apply the chocolate glaze ;)

Put the marmelade on the top of the cake and let it rest.

Its really good if the cake is warm while you are doing these steps cause
 after while is getting the normal temperature, the ingredients are getting together,
 the marmelade lies down to the cake and staying connected,,,
If you let the cake to the normal temperature and then put the marmelade then you will see that the marmelade cant stay on the top...
If you want before putting the marmelade you can put some chocolate glaze...
I put just some chocolate with some butter and a bit of sugar in a pan..
i let it melt and then its ready!!
Some of you maybe think that this is too much!!
But come one!! 
Its a cake!!!!

Do not think about calories!!

So !! Yes!!! Your cake is ready!! Enjoy!!