roses marmelade

Yes! roses marmelade

Some days ago,
i bought some roses and some tulips.
After some days i made a cheescake..a delicious sour cherry cheesecake..
Then i saw in my dream that i was making a rose marmelade..
In Greece we make rose " gliko tu kutaliu" which means sweat - dessert for the spoon..
Its so sweat tha you can eat just 2-3 spoons and its like marmelade but with bigger quanity of sugar and ithe fruits are not melted.

So i said! Ok! I am going to make a marmelade to make a rose - sour cherry cheesecake.

 I took out the green part and washed them really good.
After i put them into a small pot with some water and some sugar.

Let theme boil till the water is off.

10 small roses
10 spoons of sugar
1 glass of water

I prefer powder sugar cause it makes the mixture more clear...

This marmelade its not to eat it with bread or so...

Its nice to mix it with other marmelades
to put it in desserts or in glass of biscuits or poutigue cremes
and of course on top of cheese serve with a nice glass of wine!!