Hazelnut Pie with Chocolate and Espresso

Really different, tasty , unique taste combined the 3 tastes that we love together!!!

Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Coffee...

( 1 shot of espresso, or 2-3 spoons grain coffee in water, quantity of water = like a shot of espresso)
Of course if you dont drink coffee or you are into an  homeopathy treatment you can always add a substitute, from grains or...

This cake has just a bit of flour, and not milk at all.
In this cake our flour is hazelnut powder.

You can find at the super market, depending the country you live, have ready made hazelnut powder or anyway hazelnut grated.

Of course if you cant find hazelnuts grated you can just buy whole ones and grated yourself !
Its even better cause they are more fresh!!! And full taste!!

We will need
special thanks to elina she remind me to put this image

Its really important to keep the quantity of the ingredients , especially the eggs, so you have the thickness
that should..

The eggs are these that they are going to keep all the ingredients together.
You can put less sugar if you want, but dont play with the butter :)

Soooo!!! lets go!!!

Mix with your mixer the butter with the sugar for about 10 minutes till the mixture becomes more white and then add the eggs.

Melt the chocolate in a cooking pan for heating and melting.

Meaning :

put a pot with boiling water (the half of it ) and on top put another smaller pan that you put inside the chocolate. so  the chocolate is not touching the heat and cannot be burned.

When the chocolate is melted, use a wooden spoon to mix, remove from fire and put inside the butter and the sugar - eggs mixture.

Add the vanilla and if you want some rum or whisky.

Mix really good and allow 5 minutes to rest.

Meanwhile put in a bowl the hazelnuts, the flour and
 baking powder (if the flour has not already).

Add then butter-chocolate-eggs mixture to the bowl of flour and hazelnuts ,
 mix with a wooden spoon or with the mixer in low force and add  1 shot of espresso.

Put in a baking pan that you have baker paper  or butter.

Bake it for about 30 minutes at 180 °

If you want you can serve with some hot chocolate glaze