pork with plums- orange liquer sauce



Dry plums have a really unique not so strong not so sweet but interesting taste.
When they are cooked they keep the secret of their taste and give to the food a taste not so fruity and weird.
Pork, meta in general is really good when its cooked with some fruits (or nuts).

Its a really really simple recipe, also cheap, and really interesting in the tasta,
It gives to the mouth a full circle taste with a lot of different angles!

so lets cook!!

we will need

half kilo pork fillet or pork steaks without bone
2-3 carrots
1 cup dried plums
1 onion
ginger, curry, salt, pepper, oregano, rosemary, bay leaf
liquer of orange or if you dont have some rum or ofcourse we can alway use wine!

cut the onions in small pieces and the carrots to a thin long shape
 and the plums by using scissors into 4-5 pieces each plum..
fry them not so much, adding also all the herbs to saute them.

Remove the half cooked vegetables
add some more oil or butter to your pan
and put the meat and saute to low fire,
when the meat has this colour that means its cookes from the outside,
 put the liquer and some WARM water to your pan,
add the vegetables back to the pan and let them cooked all together for about 20 minutes.

Then your dish is ready!
Just dont let the pork to be cooked a lot of time cause its going
to be hard...
If your sauce dont get thick enough you can always add some flour.