chicken fillets with carrots, beer, lime skin and coriander

Dont afraid the hippy hippy yeahiii...

Really tasty different recipe..This recipe came by improvising one night with not so many things in the fridge.

Dont be afraid to taste it..Its really unique and tasty..

Secret is that you cook the chicken inside the beer..with no water at all..

We will need :

500 gr chicken fillets or turkey if you prefer
2-3 carrots
1/2 red paprika
1 big onion
2 glasses of beer
1 lime
dry coriander (i  prefer the hole seed so when i smash it have this awesome smell and taste)
salt / pepper

- cut the onion into pieces (there is no need to be small)
 - the paprika into cubes
 - carrots as you like ( i did it round pieces)
 - put them in a pan with burned olive oil  and sizzle
 - add your herbs (half of the coriander the other half in the end)
 - after 5 minutes put the fillets and sizzle them too, till they get this golden brown colour
 - add the beer and let it cook into low fire
 - after 5 min put the lime juice
 - when the beer is in the half put the skin of the 1/4 lime and the coriander
 - your dish is ready when the beer starts to caramelize..And gives you this perfect sauce to serve it!!


You can serve it with a bit more lime skin to give colour...
Drink with cold beer, white wine or margaritas !