Greek style Apple Pie

The Greek way of making Apple Pie is really simple..
You  bake the half mixture of a normal cake recipe and then you put the apple mix on top!

The taste is not that simple as it sounds! It is a real Orgasm!
Have a look!

First prepare the cake :

250 gr flour (baking powder)
125gr butter
1,5 glass sugar
1 glass milk
2 eggs

Mix the butter with the sugar with the mixer for about 5 minutes
then add the eggs and the vanilla and mix for about 5 more minutes
add the milk, mix again and then put the flour and the baking powder  and mix again for 3 minutes.

Put the dough in a baking pan that you have buttered before and bake for 40 minutes in 200 degrees

Meanwhile cut 5 apples (with or without skin depending taste) into round or half round pieces
put them in a pan with half glass of water 5 spoons sugar some vanilla and cinnamon..

When your mixture becomes more solid like a marmelade add some walnuts..

When your cake is in the baking time of 40 minutes take it out and add on the top of it the
apple marmelade mixture and bake for more 10 minutes..

Your apple pie is ready!!

You can serve it with some hot vanilla poutigue sauce and fresh cinnamon
and if your guest like sugar why not some powder sugar also!!