salad with spinach, raw zucchini (courgette) and tomatoes, detox time!

 Greek song suites this recipe >

You had a wild night yesterday and you said I am never gonna drink again?
So this is the dish you need to eat for detox !

Zucchini is full of vitamin A , C , Potassium,
Calcium and Iron, low in calories
and with a neutral taste!

Spinach from the other hand also full of
 vitamins A, C, K , Calcium. Magnesium,
 Folate, Phosphorus, Potasium, Betaine and the story goes..
Shall i talk also for tomatoes? Too much information!
Just eat!

But remember all this RAW...
Dont cook them!

learn more for the benefits of spinach at the site : which i found this juicy image

For my friends that they eat cheese i strongly recommend to put some parmesana cheese..which i didnt have now so i havent! Just for the fat - full effect...But if you are on a diet forget about it!! Its also tasty without!Trust me!
And trust the olive oil fat that will give a full taste to your salad!

Clean the spinach and dont cut it with the knife but with hands just to make it a bit smaller..
Chop the zucchinis and the tomatoes and mix with the spinach.

In a small bowl or cup mix some mustard, olive oil, and balsamico, pepper and oregano...

I have also put some red sweat chilly pepper and some curry!!


Give to your body taste and  river of vitamins flowing in your blood!!

You will feel your body waking up and for sure will reward you!!