Snickers Chocolate Peanut Dessert

One beatiful day  i was invited to the flat of my wonderful collegue  Sandra for a glühwein night.
Sandra is the Queen of desserts! She had prepared a lot of yummy desserts but there was the ONE!
I completely fell in love!
Snickers Dessert!

My mother was making when i was a kid, she said! Its really simple to make it!
It was a bomb of taste!
The taste was so full, with a crunchy texture and it was melting in my mouth smooth and sweat!

Its really simple though.
A base of sugar, sirop, peanuts and cornflakes and then just melted chocolate on the top!

we will need 

1kg of cornflakes
2 cups of sugar
250 ml Sirop (like this you find in supermarkets for pancakes for example)
250 gr of peanut butter, prefer the one that is crunchy, that has some pieces of peanuts
250 gr of dark chocolate

Simply put in a pan in low fire, the peanut butter, sugar and Sirop and mix well with a wooden spoon.

Then brake the cornflakes with your handsand put them inside the pan and take it out of fire.
Take the mixture and apply it in a oven pan and put it in the fridge.
While your mixture is cooling, melt the chocolate..
Melt the chocolate putting a big pan with boiling water and then a smaller one on top and put the chocolate inside and let it melt.

This helps cause if you put the chocolate
in the pan directly in the fire then it will burn.
This prosess we call it double boil. 

Then add the chocolate as it hot on the top of the dessert,
and its ready!!