Avocado and tuna salad

When you go for camping you have really less to cook. All the food you can bring with is dry food and then
if you are lucky some times find fresh vegetables to combine with. Of course can food is the most famous supply for campers.

Lets see what we can do with a cucumber, an avocado, an onion and a tuna !!

We can cut all the ingredients into small pieces and use the oil of the tuna for oil..If you have with some olive oil this will add a really nice taste.Of course some pepper, some salt and  some oregano which help bodys digestive system and kills bacterias (you really need that in camping) and here you go!!

Fresh healthy salad to keep you going on to your sand and see andventures!!

If you have some dried bread or *paksimadia* or crispies you can add them into small pieces.

That day we didnt had some so this recipe goes without.

But I can admit that i really wanted them!!

Of course you can try this recipe at your house kitchen, simple as that and you will see its a really nice
fresh  and refreshing food with the vitamins fresh and uncooked to make a present to your body and bomb it with vitamins!

If some sand comes to your mouth dont worry, nothing bad will happen to you..But I am sure you already know that !

You can try this recipe by adding some paprika or tomatoe or both and take the power to the limit by adding sunflower seeds!


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