Camping time! Cooking on fire

The best way for cooking when you go camping is fire.
Of course many people use gas stove, which make things easier but sometimes complicated cause
we need to buy a lot of gas bottles to have with and ofcourse we nee a lot of gas to cook one pan of food (especially when its a bit windy).

Some other people use fire. Food with the taste of wood its the best food ever!
We have to be really careful with fire cause we can create serious damage to nature.
First of all we have to know what kind of wood we will collect or cut.
We have always to try to collect wood thats its already in the ground and cutted of the trees.

And of course always turn off the fire before we leave the fire place.

In general we have to be really responsible with kind of fire activities and inform ourselves about.

A friend of mine Rasmus created this perfect device for cooking in camping.
We had really nice meals in this fire and also perfect bread! Preparing a meal with a lot of people i think
is the most touchy and conective way for relation ships. Creatig something together, devide the things to do, fight a bit about how much salt or lemon to put and then share a food made of love...
I miss you guys !!!

Its a tin can for oil...Simple as hell..If you search on the net you will find instruction for how to make it...

At the front its cuted and a pipe goes in and then out at the top...There you put the fire...
(when the fire there is off, you can bake really nice bread)

Then the fire goes up, but touches not your pan....There you can also grill food!

Like that you dont need to burn a lot of woods cause fire its protected from air and also temperature.
Also fire power is in the level its needed and the food dont get burned, or the water don get evaporated.!!

You have always to be aware of the dangerous animals in nature!!! They are out there watching you and spying on you to steal your food!! :P