meatballs with mustard sauce

Something really unique, tasty and easy to make!
Meatballs can be small, big, biger...With no bread inside a lot of bread inside with or without vegetables.
And then with many many different sauces...

I am going to saw you how to make really tasty unique meatballs in the oven with a special really easy to make sauce...

You will need:

for the meatballs:
500gr minced meat
250gr bread 
2 eggs
2 onions
1 zucchini
olive oil

for the sauce:
250 gr creme fraische
5 spoons mustard

Put the bread into warm water (add a bit of milk if you like) and let it for about 30 minutes to be soft.
Then squeeze the water out.
Put the minced meat into a big bowl and add all the ingredients.
Mix really well and add abit of olive oil.
Make from the mixture small balls and put htem to the pan to bake them to the oven.

Add a bit of water and cook for about 50 minutes in 220 degrees.

Put in a bowl the cream and the mustard 

and mix till the mustard becomes one with the cream and add haf glass of water.
In this point you have to check how much water is left to the pan..If its a lot of water then just take some from the pan and put it in the mixture.

This is important cause if you put the cream into the pan with the cooking meatballs then its not going to mix well and you cant use the spoon inside the pan cause the meatballs will be destroyed.

Let them cook for some more 20  minutes and  voilà.