Happy Autumn !

Soooooo !!

Its 1st of September!!

 Do you feel stress about it? Do you feel that summer is ended and what I am going to do now?
Relax..Sit back make a nice cup of tea and enjoy the colours and the smells are coming...

Whatever ends means that something else start!!

Bad and good are words that doesnt count only but in our minds!!

Keep in your minds all the nice things this summer happened !!

And dont forget the scratching sound of ranking leaves when you step on them!

New varieties of fruits and vegetables nature is giving us as a present to create new tasty recipes!!!

People from Australia and other countries I know that now for you is not Autumn but im sure you know the feeling!!! Some of you are greek so you can use this powerful machine we have to help us travel (mind)and travel to Greece for some minutes...Nantia...Can you hear the ruster crow??  kokodildlou kokodildlou