Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecake is a really nice amazing lovely delicious super dessert!
We have used to it it with sweet marmelades from fruits the most and sometimes with chocolate!

One afternoon I wanted to make happy two people about the dessert time but I had time only for making one!

One wanted my lemonpie and the other cheesecake!

I decided to do something in the middle!

And i made the best cheesecake I ever made in my life!!

This recipe its the ebst recipe (for me) for cheesecake! From now on I will make it like that!
Its not only for lemon cheesecake you can make it and put the marmelade you want!!

I am telling you!
Its really easy to make it!!

Make with your hands really small pieces the butter biscuits, melt the butter and put it all over..Wait for 2 minutes and then use your hand carefully so you dont get burned and make it a base to a pan we prefer.
(We are not going to cook it) And put it to the fridge.

Take 5 spoon of the cream warm it up and put the cornflour and put it to the fridge.
Put the rest of the  cream into a big bowl add the powder sugar and start to mix. Prefer to have a stable level of power to your mixure and be patient.It takes only 10 minutes for your mixture to be solid!
But i know being on top of if and waiting makes you feel like its 100 years!!

Be careful!
Creme fraische should be full fat ofcourse otherwise it will stay liquid!
And you have to add the sugar before you start to mix the creme with the mixer to make it

When teh mixture is ready put the mixture of the cornflour and cream , mix slowly with a spoon and then add the yoghurt.
Depends how fat you want to do it put more yogurt or not!
Remember  to mix only with a spoon and slowly slowly and in the end put the skin of the lemon.
If you want put some also on top of the dessert!!