Not cause we are hippies, not cause we go green but cause we love our skin!

we are what we eat

What you eat for sure you can put it to your skin or hair!
Can you eat a cream?

Nature is so wise that she gave us ready what we exactly need.
About everything.
Of course its really difficult to understand it cause we are used in different ways and rythms.
More difficult is to use nature for beauty and health.
For sure, I can admit its more easy - easier to buy a face or a hair mask
that costs 10 euros than to for example put some avocado to our faces and look like Shrek the monster and feel weird.

But I want to say that if we all were aware of how much better are the completely natural products, not even products just as they are from mother nature.

And we have not to forget how many harmful ingredients all these cosmetic products carry.Now for sure we have to say that an avocado carrys not even one harmful ingredient! We eat it!

Also just think a "regural" cosmetic mask have just an extract of a herb or fruit or .. that helps our skin look pretier.
And you with a spoon of avocado and 2 drops of almond oil you have the quantity that exists to 5 creams or masks we buy.

Imagine how good this natural mask can do to your skin!

What you eat for sure you can put it to your skin or hair!
Can you eat a cream?

And of course its not useful only just put creams and masks but also have a good diet and not smoke to much!!

If you smoke you have to increase your vitamin C level


Make a chamomile tea and use it as a conditioner.
Wash your hair as normal and then put the chamomile tea to your hair and then dont rinse it off.

Your hair will go really soft and really easy to comp with a beautiful smell


When you make a recipe with an avocado use the skin you pilled out and then use the skin to put the rest of the avocado is left to the skin to put it to your face. Leave it for 10 minutes and then clean your face with warm water.