sesame bar with almonds - παστέλι

healthy, easy, tasty


150 gr sesame
10 almonds in small or big pieces
half cup brown sugar
half cup honey
3 spoons water

if you want to make it real healthy then dont add sugar and put 1 cup of honey

I would prefer it like that but i didnt had enough honey

1.Put sesame and almonds on a pan without oil or water in low fire and mix repeatedly till they get a golden color.

2.In an another pan put the honey, sugar and water 
till they just warm up and be one mixture.

3.Then add the sesame and the almonds
 inside the pan with the honey and mix fast and really good.

You have already set baking paper                        
 into a square (preferably) lunchbox.

Cut with a knife as you wish your pieces will be.
After half an hour do it again.