Spelt (dinkel wheat) hole grain Banana chocolate almond vegan cake

Of course you can use what flour you wish. White makes your cakes more fluffy cause it contains gluten.
When a flour does not contain high levels of gluten doesnt get fluffy. But we can help it using the sift, so it has  more air inside.

We will need

500gr dinkel or whole grain flour sift
better is 500gr that you have taken 7 ts out of it
cause we will put the cacao.
1ts  baking powder sift
200gr margarine 
(thats one cup)
1,5 cups of sugar
or you can add 2 ts honey and forget about the sugar
1 cup of soja milk or 1 soja yogurt 
1 banana melted with your hand
7 ts of cacao sift

Mix the butter with the  sugar really well till you have a white colored mixture.
I usually melt the butter in a pot and then mix it with the sugar.
Add the soja milk.
Add the banana and mix smoothly with spoon, the flour which is mixed with the baking powder and sifted, then the cacao.
At the end the almonds.
Some alcohol or some vanilla flavor is always welcome....

Bake at 200° for 45 minutes.
Banana will make a fluid effect.
Dont get " fooled " by that and let it more into the oven.