Delicious Carrot Cake with Marsipan

Delicious Carrot Cake with homemade marzipan...

I made this cake for my roommate s birthday who loves marzipan.

The little cute  carrots are really easy to make.. I used natural colors thats why they are not the "carrot" orange color they should. But they are still cute..Arent they?

The carrot cake is simply made as a normal cake but without milk.
Then I made a delicious cream with cheese and creme fraische.
The marzipan taste of the carrots give another level to the taste.
You can advice your guests or the people are eating the cake...To eat the small carrots slowly slowly 
with the piece of the cake.

The cake :

500 gr flour
baking powder
200 gr margarine
3 eggs
4-5 medium carrots grated
2 cups sugar
some walnuts if you want ( recommended)
vanilla aroma

Melt the margarine with the sugar in low fire,
add the vanilla
 let the mixture to be a bit cold while you are
mixing in a bowl the eggs, 
add the butter sugar mix to the eggs and mis fast
add the flour which you have already mix with the baking powder
add the carrots
add the walnuts

Bake for about 1 hour...
It maybe need more time than a normal cake cause the carrots makes the dough more liquid.

While baking you can use the time to make the cream on top and the marzipan carrots.
Maybe you dont have the time to make your own marzipan  or  marsipan carrots but its ok you can always
buy ready or make another shape.
Here is my own recipe for marsipan :

here you

The cream :

200 gr cream cheese
250 gr whipped cream sugared

First make the whipped cream ,remember always to use powder sugar !
And then add the cream cheese and with soft moves mix it together.

Take out of the oven.
Let it to take room temperature and then add your cream.

Then put the marzipan creation of yours!

Miaaaaaaaaam miaaaaaaaaaaam !

Special thanks to Sandra she was bringing me her delicious carrot cake at work and introduced me to it
and made me love it and want to know how to make it!