Spaghetti with dried figs. salami, fresh rosemary, almonds and parmezana

Special thanks to Nick DaClick for the photos...

As always I want to share with you a simple recipe but really tasty and really unique...
In a really not much of time you can create something special to your friends or family with a
circular taste that cover all your mouth needs.

Serve it with a white glass of dry wine.

We are going to need :

- Spaghetti (or another type of pasta if you wish)
- 4 slices of salami
- 3 dried figs
- 2 sundried tomatoes
- 1onion
- fresh rosemary
- 7-8 almonds in big pieces grounded
- persley
- parmezana
- olive oil
- peper, salt, thymian
- garlic if you wish

Chopp the onion, cut the salami into stripes, also the figs and thin chopp the parsley.

Frizzle the onions first, then the garlic later on the sundries tomatoes the figs the rosemary
and in the end the salami and the almons.
In the last minute put the persil the salt the pepper and the thymian.