05 June 2013

Μα Μαμά , γιατί να φάω χταπόδι. Πεθαίνει για να το φάω.


Ο μικρός Luiz Antonio από τη Βραζιλία εξηγεί στη μαμά του γιατί δεν θέλει να φάει το χταπόδι, με ένα πολύ αστείο και συγκινητικό τρόπο.
Είναι ωραίο να βλέπεις τον κόσμο μέσα από τα μάτια ενός παιδιού.
Δείτε αυτό το όμορφο βίντεο.

Watch this video.
Litlle son is trying to explain his mom why he doesnt want to eat the octapus she cooked for dinner.

 he actually says : Fruits ?
 Mom: OK. But you will eat the octapus.
Kid : ach mom ok! But the octapus is not real.Right?
 Mom : No.
 Kid : Hmm Ok then And it doesnt talk..it doesnt have a head. right? Where is its head?
 Mom :It doesnt have a head

Mom : This is only his litlle legs..cuted. 
Kid: is his head into the sea?
 Mom : Its at the fisherman.
 Kid : Why ?
 Mom: so we could eat it.
Kid : BUT WHY 
 Mom : So we could eat it my love..Like we do with chicken, beaf, pigs..
 Kid: NOONE eats chickens.. Those are animals. 
Mom:ok then eat your potatoes and rice.
 Kid : ok but not the octopus. those are animals. Noone eats animals.Fishes are animals. Octapus are animals..Chicken are animals. Pigs are animals. Why we eat animals? The die. 
MOM : yes.
 Kid : why?
 MOM so we can eat them my love.
 KID : why they die? I dont like that they die. I like to see them stay into their feet and happy.

 MOM: Ok so we will not eat them again . ok?

 Kid : Ok ! These are animals whe should take care of them not eat them.MOM : Right! Eat you potatoes and your rice then.

 KID : Why are you crying?

 MOM : I am not crying you just made me feel touched.

KID : I can see the tears.

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