Dogs and Presents

Dont adopt, buy, take a dog as a present for Christmas.

Dogs are NOT toys...
Dogs are NOT things...
Dogs are not only puppies.

A dog will grow up and sleep not so much as when its a puppy.

A dog needs 3 times per day a walk.
A dog wait for you to take him out so they can pee or make a poo.
They need you to care about them, feed them and play dirty games with your patience.

Dogs need love and patience.

They will eat your favorite shoes, bags, glasses, sun glasses, carpet, important documents, non important stuff but make a mess.
They will bark and make noise.
Cause they are not toys.

They are a special unique as all species existence.

 Dont give a dog ass a present.
People to have a dog need to be really ready for that and full of love.

Most of the dogs get abandoned  when they grow up and start to need to care more about them.

Its a be...
Its a soul...

Buy, give another present and wait till you are really ready to accept a dog to your family.