Chicken with feta cheese and ouzo

I extremely love this dish.

Its really tasty and unique.
Its creamy but not with cream so you avoid the high levels of fat.

This ingredients are really common in Greece and you can find it almost always in the refrigerators.
Fennel its not a spice that we use in Greece. We are using it only as a herb, fresh.
I am using this after a trip to Paris a chef friend of mine teach it to me... He was buying it from turkish or arabian shops. Then while i was living in Berlin it was really easy to find it.
I totally recommend you to have it always to your kitchen.

So back to our recipe...

1* Chop the vegetables...

2* Put some olive oil or margarine to your pan and saute.

3* When the color is yellow brown then add your spices. If you dont have fresh basil the dry one is also
really good for this recipe. If you want to add some more spice flavor add also some oregano.

4* Continue with the pepper, good to be fresh grounded and leave the salt for the end -end.

5* Add the chicken breasts and when they saute and change color add the salt.
6* Its time to put our alcohol....

7* Then some water ( 1 glass warm water) and leave it for 10 minutes to cook.

8* Add the feta cheese by smashing it with your hand.

9* Mix well with the wooden spoon so it will become creamy.

Serve it with rice or a nice fresh salad...