Fish balls

Fish balls with codfish.

I think codfish is a really delicious and neutral fish so it makes a nice selection for this recipe.
Its also a "fat" fish but of course with good fat and omega 3 and really tasty.

You will need

-  1 big slice of cod fish
-  half cup bread crumbs
-  2 spoons of flour
-  half ts salt
-  half ts pepper
-  half ts curry powder
-  half ts turmeric
-  some chopped parsley *
-  some chopped dill*
- one onion chopped in the smallest slices you can get or use the mixer or grader
- olive oil 3 spoons
- oil for frying
- 1 egg
- 1 lemon

 * some is defined by your taste, if you dont find fresh then use dried

Cut the cod fish (by hand) into really small pieces.

Put the olive oil to to your pan let it warm and sizzle / saute the
onions with the parsley, dill, salt, pepper, curry and turmeric.
When the onions get a gold color, turn the fire off and place the codfish inside the pan and use
the last temperature of the pan to cook it just a bit !
Remove after 2 minutes really good mixing with a wooden spoon.

Put this mixture inside a big bowl add the bread and the flour mix with a spoon and when it gets NOT warm
use your hands to make a homogenized mixture , and yes you can do it only with your blessed hands.

At the end put the egg and mix again well.

 Fry them in hot oil.

Of course if you want to keep your beautiful
bodies in shape, you can cook them in the oven with some baking paper placed on the pan, and make for
30 minutes, 180`

Place them in a plate with some paper to get rid of the much oil and serve with lemon
and why not some mayonnaise...