Morning Glory with Oat bars of prunes, orange marmelade and almonds

3 cups of oat
8  dry dates
80 gr almonds raw, not salted
4 sp of brown sugar (white is ok too)
1 sp pf honey
2 spoons of orange marmelade
if you dont have orange marmelade you can use another citrus fruit marmelade
if not just increase at 2 sp oh honey and 5 with sugar and just add orange zest
2 sp of vegetable oil or margarine
half cup water
half spoon cinnamon

Put into a pan the sugar, the honey, the marmelade or the zest  *if u use zest of an orange
why not use also the juice of it instead of water, and the water or the juice the oil or margarine and in the end
the cinnamon.
Warm in really low fire.

Meanwhile put oat in the mixer to make it like powder, remove from the mixer and then add to the mixer the almonds and push 2 - 3 times so they will just not be really grated..
Remove and then mix the prunes...they will get really sticky but dont worry...put them inside the pan with the
sugar etc and start mixing it with a wooden spoon, warmness of this mixture will help it mix well.

Remove from fire, put the almonds and the oat mix really well and fast, put a baking paper in a baking pan
place the mixture, spread it, make it straight by using on top an other paper and a roll or your hands and then cut it into the piece you would like your bars to have, depending on that you can decide how thick it will be.

Bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes in 200`