Stuffed Vegetables with Bulgur , Raisins and Walnuts - Vegan

the Ultimate Protein Combination  ...

We can choose a variety of vegetables or a special one...
For example tomatoes, zucchinis and peppers or just one of its kind.

Tomatoes need a bit more of attention to remove the inside (lets call it "flesh")
Peppers just need to remove the cups (the top of them)
When we say the top we mean the stem...

we will need
2 vegetables for a portion
so lets say for about 4 portions we will need

-8 tomatoes or peppers or
-4 and 4
-200gr bulgur
-1 onion
-2 spring onions
-half cup of raisins
-3 t,spoons of walnuts or another nut, maybe almonds, pine nuts or sunflower seeds
-half cup of white wine
-olive oil
- fresh mint 3-4 spoons (chopped)
- fresh parsley half of a cup (chopped)
-1 t.s curry
-1 t.s pepper
-1 t.s salta
-1 t.s sugar

yoghurt for serving or feta cheese if you are not vegan!

If its the first time you will cook stuffed vegetables ...Here you can check how you can prepare the vegetables...
click  this link : stuffed vegetables

Place all the vegetables in your baking tray !Put some salt and olive oil.
Some water will come out. If not, put some tab water.
Chop the onions, the fresh onions and the parsley...
Put half cup pf olive oil on a big-tall pan and put a piece of onion inside.
When it starts sizzling then add the rest of the onions and spring onions, the raisins, the walnuts
and the curry.
Just before they get brown add the bulgur, saute for 3-4 minutes in low fire.
Add the white wine, let it vape and then add the tomatoes flesh, 
Add pepper, sugar and salt-.Then mint and parsley.
Saute for 5 minutes and add water so it will just cover the bulgur.
Keep now in really low fire...the lowest i would prefer.
Remember that your mixture should not be ready yet. It should be a bit raw...
It will be cooked inside our little juicy vegetable trays...
Put the bulgur inside the vegetables.
Cover them with their hats ...and bake about 40 minutes at 120° ...
It would be lovely if you served them with potatoes...
But cause they are not going to need the same time just put potatoes with or without skin
with some salt , pepper and oregano and of course olive oil in a different pan and let them a bit more than 40 minutes.
Of course you can boil them a bit before(while preparation of vegetables)
and place them in the same tray.
Serve with yoghurt or feta cheese and fresh olive oil !


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