bechamel sauce !!!

The real thing!
Fine, delicious, velvet, viscous bechamel! some small tips

Stop thinking that is something so difficult that doesn't worth trying it !!!

First of all we must say that  bechamel can be a normal recipy but demands the  accuracy of pastry!
Of course, many who have tryied making it, they have found their own way  after several tests by increasing or decreasing the amount of ingredients!

Well I'll give you the one and only recipe for how to make bechamel successfully!!

 Also I will mention all the parts that I found hard during preparing it untill the point that I was completely satisfied ! Alchemia!

For a normal dose... we are going to need

put the milk and the butter into a pot and put the fire
really low.
We warm the milk until the butter is completely melted.
Its really important to keep the temperature really down
cause the milk has NOT to boil.
If it boils then everything is ruined..
(cause of the smell and cause its going to devide the fats and make them go to the top,like a skin)

We have put the flour in a big bowl and we add , slowly slowly  2 cups ofthe hot milk with the butter.
We mixed really well and really fast the flour with the milk and put this mixture into the pan that the milk is stilling warming

We have to mix fast and really good the milk with the flour-milk mixture and put the fire off.
Add some salt and pepper.
The mixture is still not really thick.

Add the yolk and mix really fast.Dont let the egg not even 1 second in the
mixture withour mixing with the wooden spoon.Otherwise its going to be like cooking an egg inside the mixture.

Keep mixing your beshamel sauce and then grate the nutmeg into the mixture..

Its half ready!! Put it on top of your food and bake for about 1 hour.

Some  cheese on top will give a nice special taste...

special thanks to marianna..heliping me with the transaltion from greek to english!! cause as we all english are really bad!!!