Tart with Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onions

Tart with Blue Cheese and Caramelized Onions is a very strong , unique and tasty dish.
Its really good for joying wine with some frutis also, or breakfast or betetr brunchs...
Of course teh taste of teh bluecheese can be stronger or lighter depending of how much you are going to use.
Its not expensive and its not complicated.

The taste strong taste of the blue cheese melting in your mouth with the biscuit effect of the tart nourishings with the sweatness of the onions its a magic trip to your mouth.
It like something this things for kids...digging a lolipop inside a bag with things that explodes in your mouth...
Not the taste!!The effect!!

We will need

for the tart:

1/2 kg flour
baking powder
3/4 cup melted butter or mrgerine
1 yolk of egg
half teaspoon sugar
half teaspoon salt

for the filling :

100gr bluecheese
100gr gooda
200gr cream
2spoons  flour

2-3 onions depends the size
3 teaspoon sugar
olive oil or margarine

So the first we are going to make is the tart.
Tarts for some people may sound as a dificult procedure...for em at first sounded really hard but when i tried it it really fun and easy..The fact for doughts is just to be in love eith them...then they are going to treat you right!!As a true lover...they are going to give you back all the love you gave to them...
I tried many recipes, by modifying the ingredients and i came out with this..simple one.
Its a tart recipe for salty and sweat tarts withour changing it at all...
Its cruncy enough but soft also, it not falling apart when you cut the pieces and its not getting wattery after 2 days...
You just have to make it as the recipe and bake it right!!!

put the butter to melt in really low fire...
you just need to have it for some minutes with the fire on and then turn off the fire and leave it to melt.

remove the pan from fire and make circle moves so the pieces of butter that they are not meltet yet to melt from the temperature.!
Its really important not to burn the butter, so ofcourse NOT  to start to BOIL
take one spoon of the melted butter and put it in the tart pan..
apply the butter all over the pan with your habds or with a paper or with the special tool for that
put the baking powder in the flour and mix it well
(normally 1 bag of baking powder is for 1/5 kg flour,make sure in the instructions of the bag, putting less is bad cause it doesnt go as fluffy we want and of course is bad putting more cause its an acid and it gives an acid taste )
at this time our butter is getting a bit cold, so now is n a good temperature so we can use it with our hands.
Be carefull at first mix it with a spoon cause fats when are hot can cause serious burns.
after mixing it with the spoon in teh flour the temperature is really ok and we can use our hands to make it a really nice mixture, if you feel it really soft add some flour,just a bit , mix and then if needed a bit more, if u want you can add 1 spoon of a alcoholic drink you like.I prefer raki (greek traditional drink with no fruity taste) or some vodka or white rum.

after mixing it we are going to add the yellow part of the egg.
Now its really important!!Some times the dought its still warm.

If we put the egg and not mix it immediatly then the egg will be cooked and the doght will have small pieces of egg inside..
Egg can be cooked in really small temperatures.
So if you are not sure melt the yellow of the egg in one glass and then put in in the doght and mix really fast
remember that the dought is really soft cause the butter is melted.After a while it will be harder, so dont be afraid of a soft feeling and for sure dont let it to mix it good later cause it will be imposible cause the butter will be not soft any more

make it a ball and let it rest for some minutes.When we say let it rest, and that most of the times is about doughts is cause it needs a bit time for the mixture to become one and ofcourse if have baking powder or yeast to let it be active..needs time..
DONT forget that for this reason our dought is alive, by meaning that its changes from minute to minute.
WE have to be really carefull and really tender!
if you want to know a secret about dougts this is the secret.Patience , love and tenderness

Put it to you tart baking pan, and open with your hands and shape it, slowly and carefully.....

put the cheese into a small pan
mix well and add half glass of water and start the fire.

The fire has to be really low , so the cheese dont stick in the pan
add some pepper and mix really well, keep the fire low and mix with a wooden spoon
Now we have to do our trick to make the cream thick...
with some flour...

Put some flour (2 spoons) in a glass and then add some water

mix it really good and then add it to your cream, let it for some minutes more and when you see it getting thick remove it from fire.
You have to remember that has to be less thick as you wish cause its hot and on fire!!

When you remove it and gets room temperature gets more thick!!

So your cream is ready and your tart also ready to bake...

Take a fork and create small halls all over it!!
Thats really important cause helps the air to make circles and its not going to create hills or mountains at your tart!!
You really dont want that!
Put the cream...

With a spoon help the cream to spread it all over the tart..

Bake the tart about 25-30 minutes in the oven in 180-200 degrees.

As the tart is baking we are going to make the onion marmelade!!!

Sizzle the onions with some olive oil
and when they start to get the brown colour..
add 1,5 spoons of sugar..

Mix really fast and really good with a wooden spoon..

and remove from fire!!


Also your tart is ready!!! take it out from the oven
and as its still hot...
place the onions on the top!!

To place them while its still hot. helps the onions with the cream. become short of one, cause of their temperature and still a bit more melted they are going to be connected...
so when you cut a piece its not 2 forms.. and the onions are not falling from the delicious piece of tart..


My strong recomendation is a glass of a good red wine!