So i have heard many stories about how to make hummus.

I have eaten really different taste hummus also.

For me the most important about the taste is the olive oil.
If the olive oil is not good quality , can really destroy the taste of a could be- really delicious -hummus.

Hummus has to be with tahini.

Tahini is nothing more than sesame.
Its sesamepaste.
Extremely healthy sesame paste with extremely healthy chickpeas

I have eaten Hummus  like this in  Libanese restaurant in Germany,in Greece, in England, in Denmark, like this in  India (in India are going many Israelian tourist , so they really want to keep them satisfied for making money of course) and of course i have eaten it in Dubai and Sharjah, two arabic countries.

But i have to say, that recipes in all over the world can be really different! And maybe cooks and ladies and mothers and grandmothers  and aunts, fight about that all the time, but the thing is that :

this is why food  became a big pleasure and this is why we have a big - enormous variety of food and tastes!!

Cause people fight about a recipe!!

And a recipe can never be the same!!!

So improvise.

Im just giving you a recipe!!

you will need

1,5 cup boiled chickpeas
4 spoons tahini
1 garlic piece
juice of half lemon (fresh)
olive oil

Olive oil is as always one of the most important ingredients!
Especially when its row and not cooked !
So you have to be really careful about what kind of olive oil you use.
My family cannot send me olive oil really often here in Berlin,(post is expensive) and greek olive oil is the  best..and at the supermarket its reaaaally expensive and with a really not good taste...

So I am really lucky cause some friends create a " solution " for people who love and respect good olive oil and i can buy from them..
Its good to have people from your country with the same values as you !

Of course (depending your taste) you can add more or less garlic or tahini

To boil the chickpeas it will be better to let them all night into water with soda, and its even better to buy
chickpeas that they are already without the " skin" ..

Of course many find as a really good solution the ready made boiled can chickpeas, but i really hate them..
You lose all the good nutrition facts !!!

And chickpeas are really good for our health!!

Put into your cutting - mixer the boiled chickpeas with some oil and a bit of water...
Slowly slowly start to melt..Add the lemon..(if you dont have fresh lemon then just dont do the will make your hummus really bitter).
Add the tahini and the salt and pepper and more oil if you want and water if its needed to blend well your mixture!

Hummus is ready!!
Serve it with some olive oil and if you want chilly pepper!

You can keep it in your fridge fresh and tasty for almost 5 days...

So! Now lets have a look at NUTRITION FACTS and why its good to eat HUMMUS


and now the MAGIC tahini just have a look how good is for your health ..
in the following you can find many many details..

other references