Paprika and sun dried tomato cheese cream

To make your own cheese cream is more easy as you think it is!

 And of course its more healthy as your favorite one you buy from the supermarket. Did you ever checked the ingredients? You will find many "unidentified objects".

We are going to make a really tasty interesting cream with paprika and sun dried tomatoes !
Of course if "you like it hot" you can make it spicy with some chilly seeds.

We will need :

200-250 gr feta cheese or "balkan" cheese
200 gr creme fraische or Joghurt
half red paprika (from the vase)
3-4 sun dried tomatoes
olive oil
chilly seeds

Put the cheese in the mixer with some olive oil and 2 spoons or creme fraische or Joghurt and add the paprika and the tomatoes. Mix really good. Then put salt, pepper,oregano, and the chilly seeds and mix again. Remove from the mixer and put in in a bowl and mix it with a spoon with the rest of the creme fraische or Joghurt .

Its really important that you dont do this procedure in the mixer cause then the mixture will be really dilute.

Put it in the fridge and serve it after one hour!!!