Homemade Marsipan - Almond paste - Αμυγδαλόπαστα

Marzipan is nothing else but almond flour (really thin grounded almonds) with some sugar and water.
Of course you can add a bit of bitter almond oil to give a stronger taste. I love it like that!

We will need
- 250 gr grounded almonds or almond flour...
- 5 spoons of powder sugar
- 1/3 cup water
- 2 drops bitter almond oil

Put the water into a bowl and then sieve the sugar and mix it with the water.
Then put the almond inside your mixing bowl and mix with a spoon and then add the bitter almond oil.

At first your dough will be slightly slick but when you put it in the fridge the ingredients stick together and its going to be more easy to work with.