Tarhana / Tραχανάς

Tarhana (Turkish), trahanas (Greek τραχανάς) or (ksino)khondros ((ξυνό)χονδρος), tarkhīneh, tarkhāneh, tarkhwāneh (Persian ترخینه، ترخانه، ترخوانه), trahana (Albanian), трахана/тархана (Bulgarian), tarana/тарана (Serbian), kishk (Egypt), or kushuk (Iraq) are names for a dried food based on a fermented mixture of grain and yoghurt or fermented milk, usually made into a thick soup with water, stock, or milk (Persian ash-e tarkhïna dūgh آش ترخینه دوغ). As it is both acid and low in moisture the milk proteins keep for long periods. Tarhana is very similar to some kinds ofkishk.
The Turkish tarhana consists of cracked wheat (or flour), yoghurt, and vegetables fermented then dried. The Greek trahana contains only cracked wheat or a cous cous-like paste and fermented milk. In Cyprus, it is considered a national specialty, and is often served with pieces of haloumi cheese in it.
Like many other foodstuffs which originated from the need to preserve food—cured hamsmoked fish,and the like—tarhana soup is often eaten as a matter of taste and choice where fresh food is abundant and refrigeration available.

source - Wikipedia

Or you love it - Or you hate it ...

But for sure its definitely worth to taste it.

You can find tarhana in places that they sale ethink food or Greek or Turkish products and of course you can find
on the internet.
Most of the times is handmade and with really good ingredients.
Its a really nice tasty healthy food specially for winter and to give you power.

To tell you the truth when I was a kid I actually hated it. The taste was really strong for me.
Now I love it...

I am going to share with you a recipe that we usually make and then we serve it with Feta cheese and sometimes I put also some fresh green paprika.

Its really simple to make it and really really healthy.

Have in mind that in this recipe fresh good olive oil is what really matters.

Grate 3 juicy tomatoes.
Put in a pan 3 cups of Tarhana and 6-7 cups of water. And add the tomatoes.
Boil in really low temperature with some salt and pepper. You can add some olive oil now, and then some
fresh in the end or when you serve it. 
Μix regularly with a wood spoon. DO NOT leave your pan unattended !!
When the water is about in the 1 third of the quantity it was at first then your dinner is ready.
Taste to see if the tarhana is soft and cooked, if not then continue the procedure with a bit more hot water.

Serve in a plate for soup, cut some small pieces of feta cheese (and if you want some paprika) and finish with
olive oil !!!