Coxinha‏s delicious Brazilian snack

The Coxinha  is a popular food in many countries in South America it includes chicken spices, generally including tomato sauce, onion, parsley and scallions (with occasional catupiry cheese), enclosed in wheat flour – variants including potato or manioc are also commonly sold – batter, and deep fried. It is shaped to roughly resemble a chicken leg.
Coxinhas were originally made with a chicken thigh, thus the origin of its traditional shape. The batter used to make the dough is often prepared with the broth of the chicken, enhancing the flavor of the dough.

This recipe my lovely friend Jackie from Brazil, which she owns a restaurant in Rio de Janeiro which she also make special Greek nights. I never been there but i hope I will soon.!
Cohinhas are really really tasty and special. I had the chance to eat them one day she cooked for us in Zakynthos. Miaaam miaaammm...

Jackie wrote the recipe in greek and made the photos for me..
Are we lucky or not??

for the pastry

1 liter of milk
2 knor chicken flavour
1 spoon of butter
3 teacups of wheat(=  -  330 grams) not too ll see if needs more..this pastry stay in low fire and you can not stop to mix untill you see the bottom of the have to cover it  with not wet and not dry piece of tissue 


4 onions
3 gloves garlic
400gr clean boiled chicken in small pieces
2 sp butter
feta cheese or cream cheese

we will need also
bread crumps
2 eggs

1.Put the milk and the butter in a pan with the knorr and boil it.
2.Add all the flour and mix really good till you feel it in the bottom of the pan.
3.Chop the onions and the garlic and frizzle them with the butter.
4.Then add the chicken and mix, add some pepper, salt, cumin and curry.
5.Let it a bit to rest so its not hot and add the parsley chopped.
6.Fill some small amount of the dough with this mixture and the cheese.

7.then dip each piece into the eggs and then to the bread crumps
and deep fry them in hot oil.


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