Grilled lentils balls with mint - lemon yogurt sauce.

Many of you dont like lentils.
Many of us when we were kids we hated lentils.

But as we all know... And as we many times heard...Lentils are really healthy!

This is a really nice way to cook lentils..Cause first of all you mix them with many ingredients and if you are one of the haters you will not be annoyed from their taste and second of all
its a perfect way so you dont cook for hundred of hours the lentils which is really bad for their
nutrition facts. You can boil them till they dont melt and then cause of the blending its really ok for your stomach and you taste.

- 2 cups of lentils soaked in water for about 3 hours.
- parsley
- 1 glove of garlin
- half onion
- 1 fresh spring onion
- flour (about half cup, have some more in case its needed)
- 1 cup bread crumbs (really important)
- curry powder, kumin, oregano, salt, pepper
- olive oil

Boil the lentils for about 12 minutes, take the water out and put them in the fridge so they will be not so hot.
Put all the ingredients  (not the flour and the bread crumbs )with the lentils into your mixing - blender machine with olive oil and mix.

Put in a big bowl and then add the flour and the bread crumbs..Taste if  more salted is needed.

You can fry them, ore put them in the oven with baking paper if you dotn like fried food !

Even if you put them in the oven i can guarantee they are extremely tasty.

The sauce :

1 yogurt 200 gr
lemon skin
salt, peper
olive oil

Just mix the ingredients !
Try to have the mint fresh !